Paramount Chemicals & Plastics, Inc. provides consultations, testing, sales, installations, troubleshooting, and delivery.


We have expertise in all types of water treatment systems including acid and fertilizer injection systems for groves, nurseries, and vegetable field applications. Our staff can answer your questions regarding costs, amounts needed, and show you how to verify you are spending your money wisely. With the proper chemicals and application rates, we can help you to: 

  • Establish maintenance rates for new or existing systems
  • Improve performance of existing systems
  • Reduce your largest expense – LABOR!

Water Treatment

We offer a full line of chemicals for municipal treatment systems including polymers, anti-scalants, and corrosion inhibitors. We also offer pumps, tanks, parts, pieces, and emergency services.


Food safety and processing

Chemicals we offer for food safety and processing include Accu-Tab Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets, Quaternary Ammonium, and numerous other chemicals. We can help you lower your overall chemical costs while meeting U.S.D.A. standards.

Certified Manufactuers Products and Systems

Paramount Chemicals & Plastics, Inc. offers sales and certified service of the following manufacturer’s products and systems:


Pulsafeeder’s engineered products are made to our customer’s specific application. Products include hydraulic mechanical metering pumps, external gear pumps, and custom systems.


The Stenner Pump Company manufactures peristaltic pumps for reliable and accurate dosing of liquid solutions for: disinfection, pH adjustment, iron stain removal, animal health, corrosion and scale control, and more.

Accu TabWestlake Chemical Corporation’s Accu-Tab® Chlorination Tablets and Systems

We are Accu-Tab® Specialists! The Accu-Tab® tablet chlorination system offers our customers simple and effective chlorination for a wide range of applications from the aquatics industry to food processing and drinking water to wastewater. Simply put—the Accu-Tab system is the solution for all your chlorination needs.

The system's advanced technology combines specially-engineered Accu-Tab® chlorinators with proprietary Accu-Tab® three-inch calcium hypochlorite tablets to form a complete, NSF-certified system. With many feeder models available and the flexibility to meet requirements for size and chlorine demand, the reliable and accurate chlorine tablet and feeder system is installed in facilities worldwide.  Accu-Tab® tablets and systems are used for these major categories:

Food Packing and Fresh Cut

Reduce cross-contamination of harmful bacteria accurately and consistently with low-maintenance tablet chlorination systems.

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Municipal Water Wastewater and Industrial 

Minimizes the safety concerns typically associated with the use of chlorine gas and bleach in water treatment.

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Horticultural and Agricultural Irrigation

Kill E.coli and Salmonella, control algae and fight water molds like Phytophthora and Pythium in irrigation water.

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  • We sell a complete line of chemicals including acids, anti-scalants, bio-diesel supplies, fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, methanol, OMRI-approved organic chemicals, polymers, quaternary ammonium, salts, etc.  We also sell, install, and service chemical injection systems and offer monitoring and testing supplies for ORP, pH, etc.